GLAAD Doubles Down on Phil Robertson Controversy

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by Yushud Choosewisely

Flushed with the success of their efforts to get Phil Robertson suspended from the wildly popular Duck Dynasty series, GLAAD has decided to double down on their efforts to intimidate and silence all opposition to their agenda.

“We were shocked and deeply offended,” said a member of GLAAD’s Commission for Politically Correct Theology, “by Phil Robertson’s comments, but as we studied them more in detail we realized that Mr. Robertson is only a symptom of a much greater problem, namely God and the Bible.  I mean, have you ever read what the Bible says about homosexuality?  It does say that gay and lesbian sex is sin.  It calls it ‘detestable’, ‘wicked’, ‘perversion’, ‘shameful lust’, ‘unnatural’.  Robertson was correct that the Bible says that those who engage in homosexual sex will not inherit the kingdom of God.  These are some of the vilest and most extreme statements uttered against LGBT people in a mainstream publication.  Let’s face it, God is an intolerant, homophobic bigot, and the Bible perpetuates this unacceptable bigotry among a certain element of Christianity.  Something must be done about this.”

“God and the Bible claim to be Christian, but God’s lies about an entire community fly in the face of what true Christians believe,” said GLAAD rep Wilmont Crude. “He clearly knows nothing about gay people or the majority of Americans, who support legal recognition for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. God’s decision to push vile and extreme stereotypes is a stain on Christianity and its adherents who now need to reexamine their ties to someone with such public disdain for LGBT people and families.”

“We call upon all Christian Churches to indefinitely suspend God from their services and to immediately cease to use current versions of the Bible as authoritative in matters of faith and practice.  By taking quick action and removing God from future services, churches will send a strong message that discrimination is neither a Christian nor an American value.”

“All existing copies of the Bible should be turned over to your local GLAAD office for destruction.  If there is no GLAAD office in your city, they should be turned in at the nearest Democrat Party headquarters.  We are currently working with progressive thinking theologians on a new politically correct edition of the Bible which should be available in the near future.  It will be based in part on the work of Marcion, a brilliant Christian scholar of the second century who was wrongly accused of heresy because of his progressive views.  The PC Bible will exclude what is commonly known as the ‘Old Testament’, and parts of the ‘New Testament’ found in current versions of the Bible.  What remains will be cleansed of antiquated homophobic references, and the only sins will be intolerance, racism, bigotry, and social injustice.  We will also be adding some texts from inspired gay and lesbian persons of faith.  We are in talks with online retailer to stop the sale of all other versions of the Bible except the PC Bible.”

“It is time for God and the Bible to evolve on LBGT issues, just as our glorious, messianic President has done.  God should sit down with some loving gay and lesbian couples and have a conversation on the unsinfulness of gay sex.”

When APC sought to reach God for comment, this reporter was directed to God’s spokesman, the apostle Paul.  “Mr. Crude’s comments regarding what the Bible says about homosexuality are accurate, and we stand by them unequivocally” said Paul.  However, what Mr. Crude fails to understand, or perhaps simply ignores, is the fact that God has made it clear in the Bible that everyone is a sinner.  I, myself, am the biggest sinner of them all.  Because of our sins, none of us deserve God’s grace and forgiveness, but because of God’s love, he has offered salvation and forgiveness to everyone.  However, he has done so on his own terms.  To receive God’s forgiveness, a person must recognize that he is a sinner.  He must turn away from his sinful way of life, put his faith in Jesus, who died in our place on the cross and rose again on the third day, invite God to transform his life, and then, by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, he must live a life of obedience to God and his word, the Bible.”

“Morality,” Paul continued, “is a reflection of the very nature of God.  God is holy, so we must be holy.  God is love, so we must love.  God is merciful and forgiving, so we must be merciful and forgiving.  God is just, so we must be just.  Unfortunately, most people today no longer understand what real justice is all about.  They have been duped into replacing true justice with social-justice, economic-justice, environmental-justice, or some other ‘hyphenated justice’, all of which are simply disguised forms of injustice.  And many people seem to think that God’s love is in conflict with his justice, but it isn’t.  God’s various attributes are in perfect harmony with one another.  When people deny the existence of God, or choose to believe in a god who conforms to their beliefs, then morality becomes a reflection of the bent nature of mankind, and in so doing, it ceases to be moral.”

“It is true that many people who call themselves Christians no longer believe much that God has revealed to us through the Bible, but contrary to Mr. Crude’s claim, those are not ‘true’ Christians.  True Christians are those who believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God, and who, with God’s help, live their lives in obedience to its teachings.  When real Christians talk to people about sin, it is out of love, not hate.  It is not for the purpose of belittling or putting anyone down.  They do so because God’s salvation and forgiveness can only be received by those who recognize their sinfulness and are willing to let God transform their lives.  People like Mr. Crude don’t want to be changed.  They want God to change, and to praise their immoral lifestyle.  It is not Christians like Phil Robertson who are condemning homosexuals, it is people in groups like GLAAD who are condemning the very people that they claim to serve.  By insisting that homosexual sex is not sinful, and in fact is something to be celebrated with pride, they discourage their constituents from considering the possibility of repentance, which is what can truly set them free.  In my day, the people in Corinth were involved in all kinds of sinful activities, including some who engaged in homosexual acts.  But many of them repented and put their faith in Jesus, their lives were transformed, and their lifestyles changed.”

“As for GLAAD’s demand that churches suspend God and the Bible from their services, there are quite a few that did that a long time ago.  But there remains a faithful remnant – which at the moment happens to be fairly large in America – that will not be intimidated or silenced.”

“With regard to Mr. Crude’s suggestion that God should ‘evolve’, our position remains that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever more.  He is not a man that he should lie or change his mind.  But he does intend to have a conversation, not just with a few gays and lesbians, but with every single one, and not only with them, he plans to have a personal meeting with every single person who has ever lived.  But if I might be permitted to use one of brother Phil’s favorite phrases, when God does have those conversations, those who have repented will be happy, happy, happy, those who have not repented will be sad, sad, sad.  But hey, it’s their choice.  For our part, we stand with brother Phil.”

*© APC (Associated Press clippings)

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Obamacare and the Principle of Jury Nullification

Is it possible that the American people have found a way to stop Obamacare? Are ordinary citizens succeeding where Republicans in Congress have failed? What could people possibly do that would amount to a defacto repeal of Obamacare? Is it even possible for Ordinary Americans to stop the liberal takeover of our health care system by the Orwellian “Affordable Care Act” that is anything but affordable for the vast majority of Americans? The appropriate response to the above questions is, “The jury is still out.”

In criminal cases the judge instructs the jury that their job is to make a determination on guilt or innocense solely based on the evidence, in the light of the law. However, from time to time a case comes along in which the jury declares the accused to be innocent, even though the evidence indicates guilt because the jury decides that the law is not just. This is called “jury nullification”. A jury has the right to set aside a law that it deems to be unjust. So what does the principle of jury nullification have to do with stopping Obamacare?

A popular antiwar slogan in the 1960s was, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” It may well be that the anti-Obamacare slogan of the 2010s will be, “What if the government tried to force an unwanted, unaffordable health care law down the throats of the American people and nobody signed up?” There have been numerous articles and news reports about the “glitches” in the Obamacare website. More recent articles have suggested that the problems are not glitches, but rather a combination of incompetence and an attempt to prevent the public from discovering the skyrocketing price of heath care under the misnamed “Affordable Care Act”. But it is possible that there is another reason to add to the list. The original claims that the “glitches” which caused the website failure were the result of the overwhelming demand of the American public to sign up for Obamacare may have been poor attempts to cover up the refusal of millions of Americans to sign up. Are people just saying, “No!” to Obamacare?

Are We The People boycotting Obamacare? There are certainly indications that this may indeed be the case. If this is what is happening, then it is truly a grassroots movement that no one has organized. While a few members of Congress have attempted to stop Obamacare, it is only a matter of time before they tell us, “We tried, but the forces against us were too strong. Please send money to our reelection campaign so we can continue the fight.” But where the politicians have failed, is it possible that the people will succeed? When it comes to the laws passed by an increasingly divisive and totalitarian government, the American people are still the jury that holds the power to nullify laws which are deemed to be illegitimate. Could this be America’s Bartleby moment, when Big Government says, “You must comply!” and the people simply reply, “I would prefer not to.”?

If, as appears to be the case, millions of Americans are making the choice not to participate in Obamacare, it will be interesting to see if those same millions refuse to pay the tax penalty for nonparticipation as well. The jury is still out, but a verdict is expected very, very soon. And the government ruling class had better brace itself for a decision that they never even considered possible.

What are some of the reasons being given for refusing to participate in Obamacare?

1. The Cost: According to Avik Roy, the cheapest available plans under Obamacare will be 99% more expensive for men and 62% more expensive for women than plans available under the old system. Premiums for many middle class families will rise even more.

2. The Deductibles: Not only is the cost of premiums increasing, so are the deductibles. Health care plans on the Illinois Obamacare site have annual deductibles of $4000 for an individual and $8000 for a family. That means that a family would get no help from Obamacare until they had paid $8000 out of pocket, in addition to their monthly insurance payments.

3. Young people will see some of the biggest increases in the cost of premiums as their payments (along with everyone else’s) go to subsidize the high risk pool.

4. Middle class Americans have discovered that one of the reasons their premiums are going up exponentially is to enable the Democrats to buy the votes provide subsidized health care to their constituency groups.

5. Middle class Americans have discovered that not only are they expected to pay outrageous prices for their own coverage, they are also expected to pick up the tab for members of Congress and their staffers.

6. People recognize that Obamacare is turning America into a nation of part time workers as employers seek to avoid the repressive requirements of the new law. Obamacare has the potential of turning the recession into an outright depression. If Obamacare is not stopped, people will have little left over for discretionary spending after buying food and paying for Obamacare. Already, some people are suggesting that they will have to choose between buying food and paying for health care.

7. People are wondering why, if Obamacare is as wonderful and the Democrats say, are there so many exemptions being requested by, and granted to, those with close ties to the Democrats (the most recent being a proposed exemption for the Unions). Why doesn’t the President have to sign up? Why does Congress get massive subsidies. In fact, if it is really so great, why did they feel a need to have a mandate that penalizes people who refuse to sign up?

8. People realize that if Obamacare is allowed to stand, the death panels are just around the corner, with government bureaucrats making decisions on who lives and who dies based on a person’s perceived value to society, or their political affiliation (which to the bureaucrats may be the same thing).

9. People complaining about the high cost of Obamacare are being told that if they want to pay less all they need to do is make less money! But if everybody were to make less money so they qualified for large subsidies, then who would pay the taxes to cover the costs of all the subsidies? Obamacare may yet succeed in turning America into a third world country.

10. People who believe abortion is murder will become accessories under Obamacare. All Obamacare plans are required to cover contraceptives, including abortion inducing drugs. Everyone’s premiums will help pay to kill unborn babies. Obamacare seeks to run roughshod over religious liberty and freedom of conscience. For years liberals shrieked at conservatives that they had no right to impose their values and morality on other people. Now liberals have passed a law that imposes their values and immorality on everyone.

I’d like to hear from you. Have you signed up for Obamacare? If so, why? If not, why not? Do you think that ordinary citizens can/will stop Obamacare by simply refusing to participate?

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The Audacity of Hope and Change – New Book Release

I’m back to announce the publication of my new book, The Audacity of Hope and Change. Here’s a description of the book:

After discovering the secret of Area 51 and the truth behind the deaths of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, the President of the United States is transported into the future, where he finds a new America in which hunger, poverty, unemployment and disease no longer exist, and science has been restored to its rightful place. These changes are attributed to a mysterious, charismatic leader called Thy One, who came to power following events known as “The Great Man-Caused Disaster” and “The Overseas Contingency Operation”. As the President learns more about this future America, he becomes increasingly troubled by the reality that resides behind the gilded facade.

Fearing for his life, the President must get back to his own time and find a way to rewrite history. But is it already too late? Is it even possible to change a future that you have already experienced? What if the only way to save a remnant of humanity is to accept defeat and allow your enemy to destroy the world?

This timely story of faith, hope and change is a tale of two Americas. Both are real. Only one will prevail.

THE AUDACITY OF HOPE AND CHANGE draws inspiration from the works of George Orwell, Jonathan Swift, and Agatha Christie, in a rich and unique blend of science fiction, political satire and mystery, combined into a compelling story of the struggle for supremacy between two mutually exclusive world views. Like a rafting trip, sometimes rushing over white water rapids, sometimes flowing leisurely with the strong, still current, this book carries the reader inexorably toward the climactic, Poirot-esque final encounter between the President and his nemesis.

To learn more, or to purchase the book in paperback or Kindle e-book, click here. You can download a free Kindle e-book version September 13-15, 2012 (3 days only). If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download a free kindle reader app for PC or Mac, tablets, or smartphones here.

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8 Is Enough!

I just came across this article that is up on Drudge. It recounts a conversation between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in which they supposedly say that 8 years is long enough in leadership and they can’t understand why anyone would want to hold onto power for 40 years.

Sounds to me more like they were fantasizing, “If only. . .”

The brief AP article ends, “U.S. presidents are constitutionally barred from a third term.”

I ask you, since when has Obama let a little thing like the Constitution stand in his way?

My response to Obama’s “8 is enough”?

4 Is Too Much!

Your humble servant,

Yushud Chosewisely, ordinary American

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Of Moats and Alligators

As stated in my previous post, I recently returned from vacation. It was refreshing to get away, but I come back and discover that our “We need to get rid of caricatures” President has decided that we need to build a moat on our border with Mexico. It will not be an easy task, but at least it should be fairly straight forward from California through Arizona and New Mexico. But when we get to Texas, say El Paso, where Barack Obama gave his speech calling for the creation of a moat, things get tricky. On which side of the Rio Grande do we dig the moat? Was our “most intelligent President ever” even aware, when he gave his speech in El Paso, that we already have a “moat” of sorts along the Texas border? Do we really need to build a new one? Or could we just dredge out the Rio Grande where necessary?

While I wait for clarification from the White House, I think I’ll head over to the Okefenokee Swamp and see if I can catch some alligators. Maybe some of you in the Northeast could check out the New York City sewers. I’ve heard rumors that there are gators wondering around down there.

If only Steve Irwin was still with us. He’d be a natural for this mission. I can almost hear him explaining the difference between an alligator and a crocodile, “If you can see the teeth when the mouth is closed, it’s a crocodile.” And I can imagine him turning to the camera, as the federally funded alligators are dismembering and devouring would be illegal immigrants in the background, “Crikey, you know that hurts. This may seem cruel, but remember, that’s nature’s way.”

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Osama, Obama, and the Gratitude of a Nation

I just got home from vacation and wanted to add my thanks to those responsible for bring Osama bin Laden to justice.

First, I want to thank all of those who took part in the actual operation for a job well done. Hopefully, we will never know who you are, both for your own security and the safety of your families, as well as for reasons of national security. Let’s hope and pray that the armchair quarterbacks in Washington, who seem to make up the bulk of the current administration, will calm down from their vicarious euphoria, and stop leaking vital information gathered in the raid. Loose lips sink ships or, in this case, make it possible for other leading terrorist targets to slip through our fingers before our troops get the chance to help them discover first hand whether or not there really are 72 virgins waiting for them in paradise.

Second, I want to thank all of those who were involved in the planning of the mission. Not much has been said about these people, but the results are proof that this raid was well thought out. Meticulous planning and preparation went into this before the helicopters ever took off.

Third, I want to thank those who gathered and developed the intelligence that made the mission possible. You have at times been maligned and threatened with criminal prosecution. But you played a vital role in protecting the people of America whom you have sworn to protect.

Fourth, I want to thank President George W. Bush for putting in motion the war on terror that resulting in finding and terminating Osama bin Laden. Without your unflagging commitment to tracking down the criminals behind the cowardly terrorist attacks on America, this mission would never have been possible.

Last, but not least (well yes, actually least, but in this august group that is no dishonor), I want to thank Barack Hussein Obama for giving the green light to the mission. Most Americans would think that giving the green light to take out Osama bin Laden would be a no brainer, but apparently we would be wrong. President Obama agonized for 16 hours before making what he would have us believe was a “gutsy call”.

President Obama, America is grateful to you and many others for bringing Osama bin Laden to Justice. But praise is meant to be sung a capella. It would be a lot easier for us to sing your praises if you would stop tooting your own horn. The two together tend to clash.

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Restoring Science to Its Rightful Place

President Obama has repeatedly talked about restoring science to its rightful place.  This is one of those warm fuzzy statements that politicians love to make.  Who is going to disagree?  Doesn’t everyone want science to be in its rightful place?  So is there anything really significant about Obama’s repeated commitment to restore science to its rightful place?  You haven’t heard him talk about it lately, but be forewarned that you will be hearing it again, especially if the United States should be so unfortunate as to see him reelected.  I’m convinced that like so much of what Obama says, this is coded language.  When he says we need to invest in America’s future, what he really means is, “I want to raise your taxes.”  When we went to war in Libya, he told us that it wasn’t a war, it was a “kinetic military action”.  Or maybe you remember when acts of terrorism were labeled “man-caused disasters”, and the war on terror became an “overseas contingency operation”.  So what does Obama mean when he says that he wants to “restore science to its rightful place”?

This is part of the messianic mystique that developed around Obama in the 2008 campaign.  Did you notice that his goal is not to KEEP science in its rightful place.  No, he wants to RESTORE science to its rightful place.  This implies that someone or something has removed science from its rightful place, with the result that it needs to be restored.  Restoration is part of the messianic ministry.  This raises the question: Who removed science from its rightful place?  So far, Obama hasn’t said, but I feel fairly certain that it must have been those nasty, bitter-clinger, right-wing extremist, tea-bagging Republicans.

The other obvious question raised by Candidate and President Obama’s statements is: What is the rightful place of Science?  I will give my response to that question in a future post, but today we are interested in how Obama would answer that question. . . if he didn’t know there was a live microphone in the room.  The fact that Obama has an idea of what constitutes the rightful place of science is clear from his own comments.  Otherwise, he would be unaware that science was not already in its rightful place, nor would he be able to identify when he has completed his self-imposed task of restoring science to his vision of its rightful place.

So then, what is Obama’s vision of the rightful place of science?  A study of his references to science up to this point in his term will reveal that in Obama’s brave new world, the rightful place of science is as an infallible, unquestionable, the debate is over, no dissenters allowed religion that supports his political agenda.  Whether it’s embryonic stem cell research, cap and trade, the “green” energy initiative, or medical death panels the Independent Payment Advisory Board, infallible scientific consensus is pulled like a rabbit out of a hat to justify why we must implement Obama’ policies.  Dissenters are obviously anti-science, flat-earthers, and any so-called scientist who refuses to join the consensus, well, they probably believe in intelligent design too, you know what I mean?  Be prepared for an increase in intellectual blackmail coming from Obama and the Progressive movement.

Should science be in its rightful place?  Of course it should.  But Obama’s vision of the rightful place of science is one that is not shared by conservatives.  And scientists, who don’t want to see science transformed into a politicized, dogmatic religion, should be the first to take a stand against it.

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