Treasury Secretary Geithner to Announce Balanced Budget

News Flash:

American Revolution 2.0 has received exclusive information that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will be making an announcement in the next few days that he has found a way to balance the federal budget for the current fiscal year.  Unnamed sources have supplied us with a copy of the following letter that was mailed today to the Old North Church in Boston:

Mr. Timothy F. Geithner
Treasury Secretary
United States Treasury Building
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D. C.   20220

The Reverend Stephen T. Ayres, Vicar
Christ Church of Boston
a.k.a. Old North Church
193 Salem Street
Boston, Massachusetts   02115

April 18, 2011

RE: Tax Exempt Status Revocation

Dear Reverend Ayres,

I am writing to inform you that one of our dedicated IRS employees recently came across your very professional internet site (, which prominently displays the phrase, “One if by land, two if by sea,” from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride”.  An IRS investigation has determined that on April 18, 1775, 236 years ago today, the church sexton, Robert John Newman, hung lanterns in the church tower to inform Mr. Revere that the British troops were arriving by sea.

It is a very moving story, Reverend, and your church is to be commended for its patriotic involvement in our country’s quest for liberty.  Unfortunately, as I’m sure you are aware, churches are prohibited from involvement in political activity.  Any such activity is grounds for revoking a church’s tax exempt status as a 501 (c) 3 organization.

It is my duty to inform you that your church’s tax exempt status is being revoked.  And in light of the flagrant manner in which your internet site flaunts your defiance of the separation of Church and State, it has been decided that the revocation will be retroactive to April 18, 1775.

You will shortly be receiving a visit from some of our staff to discuss the payment of the church’s back taxes, including penalties and interest.  Although calculating taxes is not one of my strong points, I have done a rough calculation, and you can inform the members of your church board that your total tax liability should be something in the neighborhood of two trillion dollars.

You will of course have the right to appeal our ruling, but please be aware that we have the right to seize all church properties and assets prior to the results of any appeal you may decide to file.

Timothy F. Geithner,
Secretary of the Treasury

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Was Slavery Really So Bad? Part Two

If you haven’t already read Part One, please scroll down and read it first.

Was slavery really so bad?  Yes, unequivocally yes.  And though the physical, emotional and sexual abuse sometimes associated with slavery was an intolerable evil, that is not the primary reason why slavery was, and is, wrong.  Even in those cases where slaves were well treated and provided with decent food, clothing, housing and health care, it was wrong.  It is fundamentally wrong for one human being to own or control the life of another human being.  It is fundamentally wrong to take away the freedom of another human being, and to create a situation of dependency in order to use that person for your personal enrichment, or to advance your personal agenda.  Even providing superior food, housing and health care is no justification for taking away the freedom of another human being.  The history of America is an unwavering and unbroken commitment to the belief that freedom is not only something that is worth fighting for, it is worth dying for.

Given the historic commitment of the United States to personal freedom, the advances of the Civil Rights Movement, and the election of our first African-American President, one would expect that Bill Ayers’ question, “Who here supports slavery?” would be answered with a resounding silence.  It is inconceivable that in America today we would find someone who would stand up and say, “I support slavery.”  And yet, by their actions, many Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, are involved in the enslaving of America.  Leading the movement to revive slavery and turn America into a nation of indentured servants are President Barak Obama and congressional Democrats.

Politicians in both parties have been guilty of taking money from the American people, putting much of it in the pockets of their friends (who would then make generous contributions to their reelection campaigns), and returning a pittance back to the people in an attempt to buy their votes with their own money.  Pork projects of the past pale to insignificance in the light of the so-called “Stimulus” bill.  This was pork on a Cecil B. DeMille scale that resulted in it being called the “Porkulus” bill.  It was also called the “Generational Theft Act” because it will rob one or more generations of the possibility of prosperity by burdening them with a previously unknown level of national debt.  But these titles fall far short of the reality.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid “stimulus” bill was nothing more or less than the “SLAVERY ACT of 2009“.  And if you doubt that, remember that President Obama has said that this is “only the first step”.  This was followed by the passage of Obamacare, which Democrats have said is the fist step toward government run, single payer health care.  When the government takes full control of health care, everyone will get health care . . . unless the government decides that you are not sufficiently valuable to society to warrant the cost of treatment.  In that case, you may just get a pain pill.

There have been bail outs of failing businesses, paid for by successful businesses.  There was much talk of bail outs to help individuals who couldn’t pay their mortgages, paid for by those who do pay their mortgages.  And there are plans to give dump trucks full of money to progressive special interest groups that will be paid for by increasing the national debt to unprecedented levels.  It is possible that we will never be able to pay off this debt.  It is equally possible that this is just what our President and his progressive friends want.

What is Obama’s proposed solution to America’s deficit crisis, a problem that is growing exponentially under the current regime?  He proposes minuscule spending cuts and significant tax increases.  And while his tax increases would be substantial in terms of their effect on individuals, they would be almost inconsequential in terms of their effect on the national debt.  Not only would they not reduce the current deficit, they would not make a noticeable difference in the rate of increase of the deficit.  So why bother?  Because when the tax increases on the so-called “rich” aren’t enough (and they already know they won’t be enough), then they will have an excuse to increase taxes on everyone else.  The purpose of Obama’s tax increases will be drag the wealthy down into the middle class, and the middle class down into poverty.

Increased taxes will put more pressure on people who are already struggling to pay their mortgages.  There will be an even greater increase in the number of foreclosures, in spite of Obama’s claims that he want’s to help people keep their homes.  Most of the failed mortgages are held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which are quasi-government agencies.  While the government is throwing billions of tax payer dollars at these failed businesses, the foreclosures continue to be processed.  As this expands, more and more houses will effectively become the property of the government.  One 2010 article claims that home ownership could fall to a 50 year low of 62% in 2012.  If Obama wins a second term, expect that figure to drop below 50%, and once it does, expect the concept of private property to come under fire (people like Michael Moore are already saying that money belonging to the “rich” really belongs to the government).  It is only a matter of time before Progressives start saying that because so many Americans can’t own their own home, it’s not fair for anyone to own a home (with the exception of the progressive elite, of course).

We are witnessing the enslaving of America.  Americans who support Obama’s irresponsible, but intentional spending, are selling themselves and their children into an indentured servitude from which they may never be freed.  Americans who oppose what is being done by our President and the congressional Democrats are being sold into slavery against their will by their fellow Americans.  This is all about power, and the President and congressional Democrats want to be our masters.

Are you currently living in poverty, hoping that government will provide for all your needs?  Well, the government will take care of you, for now, just enough to keep you at the poverty level and dependant on government assistance.  But in exchange you will lose your freedom and any possibility of improving your situation.  Sure, there will be a chosen few who will have highly publicized success stories just to make the rest of you believe that maybe, just maybe it could happen to you too.  Your purpose in life will be to go to the polls at periodic intervals to vote Democrat until the government decides that voting is a meaningless charade and ends the practice.  Once they no longer need your vote, you will be expendable.

Are you currently middle class?  The coming tax burden will ensure that you never climb above the middle class and in many cases will push you down to the poverty level, making you fully dependant on the largesse of the government.

Are you currently wealthy?  You will perhaps think, and the government will try to make you believe, that you will get to be part of the elite, one of those who are more equal than the rest of us.  In reality you will survive only as long as you are useful to the true masters.  You will eventually, one after the other, be sacrificed to the masses to deflect attention from the guilt of the government elite.

Do you remember all the comparisons of President Obama to Abraham Lincoln in the early days of his term?  Well, how about a contrast for a change?  Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as the President who ended the practice of slavery in America.  Will Barak Obama go down in history as the President who reinstated slavery in America in the form of a new indentured servitude of the citizens to government?  There will be nothing racist about slavery this time around.  We will have equal opportunity slavery for all regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual preference.

All is not yet lost.  There is still hope.  But our hope is not found in government.  Ordinary Americas like you are the hope of America.  It is time to stand up and be counted.  Contact your Representative and Senators in Washington and ask them to stop the madness of irresponsible, out of control spending.  But more importantly, contact your Governor and state legislators and encourage them to stop taking money from the federal government, money that the federal government uses to control the states, and prevent them from exercising the sovereignty given them by the Constitution (The tenth amendment to the Constitution reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”).

We are still, for the moment, a free people.  Do we have the will to defend our freedom against government tyranny, or have we come to believe that slavery really isn’t so bad?

Your humble servant, but no man’s slave (or master),

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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Everything had fallen into place.  Children had been educated to the dangers of man-made global warming.  He had helped convince the masses that a crisis was imminent.  The science was settled, the debate over.

Following a series of inconvenient scandals, popular support had fallen apart.  Like an arctic ice cap under a polar bear, it had melted away – the support that is, not the ice cap, and that was part of the problem.  The scientific consensus was dissipating like so much greenhouse gas, leaving behind an unpleasant odor.

In addition, he had become an object of ridicule.  His carbon credits empire was tumbling down around him in a manner reminiscent of the walls of Jericho.  Sometimes he wished he could push a button and make the deniers explode.

He had gone into self-imposed exile.  One day, while lost in contemplation, a luminous being appeared before him.  The creature held a hockey stick with its shaft parallel to the ground and the blade pointing up toward the heavens.

“I am Michael, the Spirit of Science.”  The apparition turned the hockey stick so that it pointed down toward the earth.  “Do you understand what you see?”

“How can I understand?  I’m not a scientist.”

“You have spoken wisely.  The hockey stick is truth, but it was turned in the wrong direction.  The danger is not global warming.  A new ice age is coming and you’ve been chosen as the apostle of global cooling.”

After this epiphany, the solution was obvious: a worldwide program of uncap and trade.  Everyone would be required to produce greenhouse gas.  Those who exceeded their quotas would receive carbon credits they could trade to those producing insufficient quantities.

He could circle the globe in his private jet, spewing carbon and spreading the gospel of global cooling, secure in the knowledge that he was saving the planet.  Now, when he turned on all the lights in his palatial mansion, he’d be acclaimed a hero, instead of being labeled a hypocrite.  But first he needed to contact the directors of his carbon credits company.

The above story is an example of what is called “flash fiction”.  It was originally written for a science fiction flash fiction contest sponsored by New Scientist magazine.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Anyone interested in using this elsewhere should please contact me by clicking on “leave a comment” to request permission.  Be sure to include your e-mail address so I can send you a response.

Your humble servant,

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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Thank God for Birthers: But It’s Not His Birth Certificate that I Want to See

I want to express my gratitude to the Hilary Clinton supporters who started the birther movement.  Although both of my parents are natural born Americans, I was born outside of the 50 States.  As a result of a misunderstanding in my childhood, I grew up believing that I could become anything I wanted to be . . . except President of the United States.  But thanks to the birthers, I discovered that you don’t have to be born within the boundaries of the United States to qualify as a natural born American.  It is difficult to express the emotions that I felt when, after growing up believing that the one thing I could never do in life was become President of the United States, I suddenly realized that it was possible.  So thank you, Barack Obama, for opening up a new world of possibilities for me.

Speaking of President Obama, in spite of Donald Trump bringing this issue back to the forefront, I have to say that it isn’t his birth certificate I want to see.  What I would like to look at are his college transcripts from Occidental College, Columbia University and Harvard.  During the 2008 presidential campaign, a number of people commented on Obama’s refusal to make his transcripts public.  Most of the comments on this lack of transparency focused on the possibility that he may have been an average or mediocre student.  It was speculated that his secrecy was in order to avoid embarrassment over poor grades.

However, I would like to suggest that it may not be the grades on his transcripts that Barack Obama is trying to hide, but the courses he took and the professors who served as his mentors.  I think America has a right to know how many courses he took on socialism, progressivism, Marxism, Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals, Cloward and Piven, and social justice.  We have a right to know what radical left-wing professors have influenced his thinking.  If we had that information, I think it would go a long way to helping us understand his aversion to America’s traditional allies, such as the United Kingdom and Israel, as well as his affinity for political despots like Hugo Chavez and Mamoud Ahmadinejad.  Well, maybe we don’t need to see the transcripts to understand Obama’s admiration for someone who has made himself President for life and someone who has been able to get away with election fraud on the level we saw in Iran.

Since President Obama refuses to release his college transcripts, we are left to guess at the reasons for his reticence.  Surely someone can locate course catalogs for Occidental College for the 1979/1980 and 1980/1981 school years, Columbia College, New York for 1981/1982 and 1982/1983, and Harvard Law School for 1988/1989, 1989/1990, and 1990/1991.  From these course catalogs, we could put together a list of all the progressive/socialist/Marxist courses that Obama might have taken as well as a list of all the radial leftist professors who may have influenced his thinking.  Is anyone out there up to the challenge?  Please send me your results, along with verification (a digitized copy of the course catalogs would do nicely).

Your humble servant,

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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Was Slavery Really So Bad? Part One

In the weeks following the 2008 election, many suggested that racism might finally be a thing of America’s past.  Some said that we had entered a new post-racial America.  But it was not long before Eric Holder accused Americans of being cowards when it comes to engaging in racial dialog.  Since then, anyone who dared oppose our new President or who identified with the Tea Party movement has been labeled as racist by liberal progressives in the Democratic Party and the main stream media.  It is in this context of post-racial, racist cowardice that I have chosen to address the question of slavery.  It is my hope that we may now be in a position to take a detached and objective look at what has historically been an emotionally charged subject.

Speaking at Northwestern University, Bill Ayers, former terrorist and close personal friend of President Obama, asked students, “Who here supports slavery?”  But before you answer that question, you first need to ask, “Was slavery really so bad?”  Only after examining slavery to discover whether or not it was “bad”, can people be expected to make an informed decision on whether or not they support it.

Many Americans forget that there were two distinct types of slavery practiced in America’s past.  The most well known form of slavery involved black Africans selling fellow black Africans to European slave traders who brought them to America by boat.  Upon arrival in America they were sold and served primarily as agricultural workers and domestics.  About 95% of black slaves were in the South where 20% – 25% of the white families owned one or more slaves (75% – 80% of white southern families never owned any slaves, this percentage was even higher in the rest of the country – one of the facts that seldom gets mentioned because, as Attorney General Holder pointed out, we are all such cowards when it comes to racial dialog).

The second type of slavery in colonial America and the early years of the United States was called indentured servitude.  It involved mostly people of European origin who sold themselves into “temporary” slavery in order to cover the cost of their voyage to America.  Most came voluntarily, but some were criminals given a choice between a death sentence or a trip to the colonies as an indentured servant.  Somewhere between one half to two thirds of all the white immigrants to America prior to the Revolution came as indentured servants (some scholars have put it at nearly 80%).

There were many negatives associated with slavery.  While the indentured servants undoubtedly had better conditions onboard ship to America than the Africans, those conditions were still harsh, and in both cases many died on the trip.  Once in America, many in both groups suffered physical and emotional abuse, and women were sometimes raped.  While indentured servitude was usually limited to a period of three to seven years, because the servitude was temporary, masters often worked them harder in an effort to get as much out of them before they were set free.  As a result of such treatment, half of all indentured servants died in the first two years, with many committing suicide.  Permission from masters was required in order for both black slaves and white indentured servants to marry.  Add to that the total lack of freedom, and life as a slave or indentured servant could be very bleak.

On the positive side, indentured servants who survived to the end of their period of servitude received a cash payment called “freedom dues” and in some places were given grants of land.  Slaves did receive food, clothes, housing and some degree of medical care.  In many cases they were well treated (after all they were an expensive investment).  Occasionally slaves were given their freedom.  Some might argue that for those who were well treated, slavery was preferable to the freedom following the Civil War that left many former slaves without a job, without housing, without food, and without health care.

Clearly the abuse and mistreatment experienced by some slaves and indentured servants was totally indefensible.  But many slaves were well treated and provided with food, housing and medical care that was arguably superior to what they had known in Africa.   Looking at the pros and cons, was slavery really so bad?

Your humble servant,

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

The second part of this blog will be posted in a few days.

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A Call for Citizen Servants

One of the philosophical pillars of the American Revolution 2.0 plan for revitalizing America is the need for Citizen Servants instead of Career Politicians.

We need ordinary people from many different walks of life.  We need people who have life experience more than we need people who have political experience.  We need people who know what it is like to buy a home without a sweetheart deal, people who know how to stretch a limited budget to make ends meet, people who know how to run a business, people who know the difference between right and wrong and who know that it is wrong to take what doesn’t belong to you and give it to someone else, people who understand that elected office is a sacred trust and not an opportunity for accumulating personal power and wealth.  We need people who are willing to serve for one or two terms, and then pass the baton on to someone else and return to their real lives in the real world that exists outside the beltway.  We need people who know when and how to compromise on non-essentials, but who steadfastly refuse to compromise on principles.

The first priority of someone who goes into politics as a career is to get elected.  Once elected, the first priority of a Career Politician is to get reelected.  Big government and “same old, same old” are the natural friends of Career Politicians regardless of what they may say to the contrary.  Small government means less power for those “in power” and Career Politicians are not interested in “less” power.  How many Career Politicians have an elitist mentality?  Many convince themselves that they know better than “ordinary” Americans and what is best for their constituents and the rest of America.  How many Career Politicians get into politics because of the opportunities for self-aggrandizement?  It often seems that their main interest is for power, influence and money (except for those who are interested in money, influence and power).  A Career Politician is also expected to put party over principle.

The concept of Citizen Servants is radically different from the concept of Career Politicians.  The Citizen Servant exists to serve the people.  He/She is not in it for the power, the influence or the money.  They don’t plan to stick around long enough for that to become an issue.  Small government becomes a possibility when you have people serving who do not have a vested personal interest in holding onto, and increasing, the power of government over the people.  It is important that your decisions are not run through the filter of “How will this effect my chances for reelection?”  A Citizen Servant recognizes that there are many qualified people who could serve, though not all are prepared to make the sacrifice (when you go into politics to serve the people, rather than to help yourself to the people’s pocket books, it is a sacrifice).  And when you don’t think that you are the only qualified person in the entire country capable of doing the job; when you realize that there are others who could do the job as well as you or even better, then it becomes easier to pass the torch on to someone else at the end of your term.

Some people (Party leaders, Career Politicians and those who have been hypnotized by Career Politicians) will view the idea of Citizen Servants as a joke.  They consider ordinary Americans to be naive, uninformed and unqualified to hold the positions to which they, the elite, were born, and for which they have been groomed.  But they are wrong.  When you examine the lives and the “service” of many Career Politicians, you come away thinking that just about anybody could do a better job.  And if the Career Politicians tell you that you need their experience to teach the newcomers “the ropes” and “how things work in Washington”, isn’t the whole point that we are tired of “how things work in Washington”?  We need people of character who will create a new way to make things work in Washington by serving with integrity, and within the constraints of the Constitution.

For any who may doubt the ability of ordinary Americans to hold high public office, just take Congress as an example.  What do our Senators and Representatives really do?  How hard do they work?  How intelligent do you need to be?  In the early days of the Obama administration, when we consider how the Stimulus bill, Obamacare, and other legislation was pushed through Congress, we learn that knowing how to read is apparently not a requirement to be a member of Congress! Not a single member of either the Senate or the House read the Stimulus bill or Obamacare before they voted on it.  And the President didn’t read them before he signed it.

Let me share with you a dirty little secret. How many senators ran for President in our last election cycle?  Obama, McCain, Clinton, Biden and Dodd (5% of the Senate – there were also four members of the House of Representatives).  I don’t know about you, but I have always understood that running for President of the United States, even in the primaries, is a full time job.  But if senators work so hard doing important “stuff” for the American people, how can they possibly find the time for a full time campaign on top of all their important senatorial “stuff”?  I understand that while on the campaign trail these folks did manage to fly back to Washington from time to time to cast a vote on some of that important “stuff” that senators do.  What about you?  If you decided to run for President, or for Congress, do you think that your boss would let you keep your job, let you just come in one day a month for a couple of hours, and continue to pay you your full salary?  And if you lose the election, will your job be waiting for you just like you never left?  I don’t think so.

I would like to propose some true campaign reform to the powers that be in Congress.  If what you do is so important, then the American people deserve to have uninterrupted service.  Would you please pass a law that requires any federal official who chooses to run for an office other than the one he/she currently holds, to resign their office before embarking on a full time campaign?  Then if they lose, they can go looking for another job.  Alternatively, if they don’t want to resign their current position, they can campaign as long as they do so without missing a single day of being in their office and on the floor (when in session) so that they are not defrauding the American people who are paying their salary.  As tort reform would help to get rid of frivolous law suits, so this would get rid of frivolous political campaigns (and unfortunately neither has much of a chance of being passed).  Any liberals reading this should think of it as “leveling the playing field”.  Certainly a public official, who continues to be paid by the American people for services that he/she cannot possibly be rendering while they are campaigning full time to get another position (which would seem to indicate a certain lack of interest in the position they currently hold), has an unfair advantage over the ordinary American who has to give up their job and find some other means of support when they commit themselves to a full time campaign to run for public office.

It has been said that President Obama is a great motivator.  He, with the help of the Democratic led Congress in the first two years of his term, have certainly been an inspiration to a multitude of American conservatives who are waking up to the need to stand up and step up if America is to remain a free country that is committed to the principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The call for Citizen Servants is going out across America.  We need people who will answer the call, not just at the national level, but also at the State and local levels if we are to preserve the America we know and love for future generations.  Liberty doesn’t flow from Washington D.C.  It comes from our Creator and begins where you live, in cities and rural areas across America.  It flows from the cities and rural areas to the States and from the States throughout the nation.  If we are going to rein in a runaway Federal Government, we must begin by placing people of character in positions of responsibility at the local and State levels.  Will you answer the call to become a Citizen Servant?

Citizen Servants can bring Real Change for a Change!

Your humble servant,

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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American Revolution 2.0

THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Patriotic Americans across our great country are rising up in defense of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, the unalienable rights with which we have been endowed by our Creator. The first American Revolution arose to defend Americans against the tyranny of taxation without representation. The purpose of the American Revolution 2.0 is to defend America against the tyranny of a bloated Federal Government that has broken out of its constitutional restraints, and threatens to destroy individual liberty.

Many of us have taken for granted the shared values and beliefs that our forefathers passed on to us. For more than two centuries those values, principles and beliefs have been considered to be self-evident. Most Americans have been content to work hard, raise their families, live their lives, and lend a helping hand to those in need. We have had limited interest in political activism. But others are actively seeking to overthrow the values and principles on which America was built, in order to impose values and policies antithetical to the spirit of America. Thomas Jefferson said it clearly, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” Too often we have failed to be vigilant. But the sleeping giant of conservatism has been awakened and the enemies of liberty have reason to tremble.

Americans are understandably outraged by the irresponsible, unstimulating, unsustainable, pork barrel spending that is increasing the downward economic spiral. Many are offended and frustrated by the statist policies that are an assault on freedom and personal initiative, and an effort to increase dependency on government. If we are going to pull America back from the edge of the abyss, we must begin now. There are positive steps that we can take today.

The purpose of this site is to present principle based proposals of common sense conservatism for a peaceful revolution to promote individual liberty, small government, lower taxes, and improved opportunities for individuals and business. Rooted in history and looking forward to the future, this site will offer solutions for today that will help build a stronger America for tomorrow. We are proposing REAL CHANGE for a Change! The proposals you will find on this site will be RADICAL! Radical like: “2 + 2 = 4″, “actions have consequences”, “if you don’t have it, don’t spend it”, or “integrity matters” – basic common sense truths that are radical only because so many of today’s politicians seem be to living in a fantasy land where common sense is conspicuously absent. It is not sufficient to simply oppose the policies of the current administration, we must identify the real problems facing America and offer solid solutions. Conservatives need to be framing the debate instead of reacting to the liberal progressives’ formulation of the debate.

There is a crisis in America and it is a crisis of personal responsibility. America faces serious challenges. We are at a crossroads. Government (small, medium, large or super-sized) is not the solution. Government is not our hope. The liberals in Washington may seem bent on taking away our liberty and destroying America as we know it, but they are not the real problem.

We, the citizens of the United States of America, are the problem. Too often, in our desire to just get on with living our lives, we have chosen not to get involved in government, preferring to hand our responsibility over to “professional” politicians. It is easy to blame the government for taking away our freedom, and for burdening our children and grandchildren with ever increasing debt. But the truth is that the government cannot do anything unless We The People allow them to do it. The Constitution gives limited and defined authority to the Federal Government. According to the Constitution, all authority not specifically given to the Federal Government belongs to the States. Through the miracle of incrementalism, the Federal Government has grown beyond its constitutional restraints and usurped authority that belongs to the individual States. This has happened because We The People have allowed it to happen.

But there is good news. If the problem was the people in Washington, there would not be much we could do between elections. But if We The People are the problem, then We The People can do something about this situation right now! While we are waiting for 2012 to get here, we can begin by encouraging our governors and State legislators to reassert the constitutional authority of the States and take back the powers that the Federal Government has usurped from them. If your governor and/or State legislators are not responsive, in many cases they can be recalled and replaced now (check your State Constitution).

The extraordinary citizens of the United States (with the help of that self-evident Creator mentioned in the Declaration of Independence) are the solution and the hope of America. It is time for all Americans to assume the responsibilities that fall on citizens who would live as free men and women. Abraham Lincoln said that ours is a government that is not only For the people, but also Of the people and By the people. But that will only be true if we, as ordinary Americans, choose to get involved, not only in the process, but in the actual governance of our country.

Grassroots conservatives are on the move to restore America. The Second American Revolution has begun. Will you answer your country’s call to defend freedom? COME JOIN THE REVOLUTION.

Your humble servant,

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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