If I Were Running For President . . .

As this blog develops, I will try to summarize some of my posts into brief position statements.  These represent the positions I would hold if I were running for President, and the positions I would like to see in candidates who have declared that they are running.  What are you looking for in a candidate?  Leave a comment and let me know.

1.  I would be running as an ordinary American citizen servant in opposition to career politicians.  It is my belief that being a career politician is not a qualification for public service.  Too often, career politicians view the presidency (or whatever other position they may be running for) as a career enhancement.  A citizen servant should view it as a sacred trust to defend the Constitution and protect America from its enemies.

2.  I would authorize the release of my long-form birth certificate and my university transcripts.

3.  I would run on my ideas, focusing on what I am for and what I plan to do, rather than focusing on what I am against.  A major aspect of Obama’s campaign in 2008 was, “I am not George Bush.”  Some Republicans will be running in 2012 on the “I am not Barack Obama” platform.  I think it is time for a President to be elected for who he/she is and for where he/she stands on the issues, rather than for who the person isn’t and what they are against.


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