Was Slavery Really So Bad? Part Two

If you haven’t already read Part One, please scroll down and read it first.

Was slavery really so bad?  Yes, unequivocally yes.  And though the physical, emotional and sexual abuse sometimes associated with slavery was an intolerable evil, that is not the primary reason why slavery was, and is, wrong.  Even in those cases where slaves were well treated and provided with decent food, clothing, housing and health care, it was wrong.  It is fundamentally wrong for one human being to own or control the life of another human being.  It is fundamentally wrong to take away the freedom of another human being, and to create a situation of dependency in order to use that person for your personal enrichment, or to advance your personal agenda.  Even providing superior food, housing and health care is no justification for taking away the freedom of another human being.  The history of America is an unwavering and unbroken commitment to the belief that freedom is not only something that is worth fighting for, it is worth dying for.

Given the historic commitment of the United States to personal freedom, the advances of the Civil Rights Movement, and the election of our first African-American President, one would expect that Bill Ayers’ question, “Who here supports slavery?” would be answered with a resounding silence.  It is inconceivable that in America today we would find someone who would stand up and say, “I support slavery.”  And yet, by their actions, many Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, are involved in the enslaving of America.  Leading the movement to revive slavery and turn America into a nation of indentured servants are President Barak Obama and congressional Democrats.

Politicians in both parties have been guilty of taking money from the American people, putting much of it in the pockets of their friends (who would then make generous contributions to their reelection campaigns), and returning a pittance back to the people in an attempt to buy their votes with their own money.  Pork projects of the past pale to insignificance in the light of the so-called “Stimulus” bill.  This was pork on a Cecil B. DeMille scale that resulted in it being called the “Porkulus” bill.  It was also called the “Generational Theft Act” because it will rob one or more generations of the possibility of prosperity by burdening them with a previously unknown level of national debt.  But these titles fall far short of the reality.

The Obama/Pelosi/Reid “stimulus” bill was nothing more or less than the “SLAVERY ACT of 2009“.  And if you doubt that, remember that President Obama has said that this is “only the first step”.  This was followed by the passage of Obamacare, which Democrats have said is the fist step toward government run, single payer health care.  When the government takes full control of health care, everyone will get health care . . . unless the government decides that you are not sufficiently valuable to society to warrant the cost of treatment.  In that case, you may just get a pain pill.

There have been bail outs of failing businesses, paid for by successful businesses.  There was much talk of bail outs to help individuals who couldn’t pay their mortgages, paid for by those who do pay their mortgages.  And there are plans to give dump trucks full of money to progressive special interest groups that will be paid for by increasing the national debt to unprecedented levels.  It is possible that we will never be able to pay off this debt.  It is equally possible that this is just what our President and his progressive friends want.

What is Obama’s proposed solution to America’s deficit crisis, a problem that is growing exponentially under the current regime?  He proposes minuscule spending cuts and significant tax increases.  And while his tax increases would be substantial in terms of their effect on individuals, they would be almost inconsequential in terms of their effect on the national debt.  Not only would they not reduce the current deficit, they would not make a noticeable difference in the rate of increase of the deficit.  So why bother?  Because when the tax increases on the so-called “rich” aren’t enough (and they already know they won’t be enough), then they will have an excuse to increase taxes on everyone else.  The purpose of Obama’s tax increases will be drag the wealthy down into the middle class, and the middle class down into poverty.

Increased taxes will put more pressure on people who are already struggling to pay their mortgages.  There will be an even greater increase in the number of foreclosures, in spite of Obama’s claims that he want’s to help people keep their homes.  Most of the failed mortgages are held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, both of which are quasi-government agencies.  While the government is throwing billions of tax payer dollars at these failed businesses, the foreclosures continue to be processed.  As this expands, more and more houses will effectively become the property of the government.  One 2010 article claims that home ownership could fall to a 50 year low of 62% in 2012.  If Obama wins a second term, expect that figure to drop below 50%, and once it does, expect the concept of private property to come under fire (people like Michael Moore are already saying that money belonging to the “rich” really belongs to the government).  It is only a matter of time before Progressives start saying that because so many Americans can’t own their own home, it’s not fair for anyone to own a home (with the exception of the progressive elite, of course).

We are witnessing the enslaving of America.  Americans who support Obama’s irresponsible, but intentional spending, are selling themselves and their children into an indentured servitude from which they may never be freed.  Americans who oppose what is being done by our President and the congressional Democrats are being sold into slavery against their will by their fellow Americans.  This is all about power, and the President and congressional Democrats want to be our masters.

Are you currently living in poverty, hoping that government will provide for all your needs?  Well, the government will take care of you, for now, just enough to keep you at the poverty level and dependant on government assistance.  But in exchange you will lose your freedom and any possibility of improving your situation.  Sure, there will be a chosen few who will have highly publicized success stories just to make the rest of you believe that maybe, just maybe it could happen to you too.  Your purpose in life will be to go to the polls at periodic intervals to vote Democrat until the government decides that voting is a meaningless charade and ends the practice.  Once they no longer need your vote, you will be expendable.

Are you currently middle class?  The coming tax burden will ensure that you never climb above the middle class and in many cases will push you down to the poverty level, making you fully dependant on the largesse of the government.

Are you currently wealthy?  You will perhaps think, and the government will try to make you believe, that you will get to be part of the elite, one of those who are more equal than the rest of us.  In reality you will survive only as long as you are useful to the true masters.  You will eventually, one after the other, be sacrificed to the masses to deflect attention from the guilt of the government elite.

Do you remember all the comparisons of President Obama to Abraham Lincoln in the early days of his term?  Well, how about a contrast for a change?  Abraham Lincoln has gone down in history as the President who ended the practice of slavery in America.  Will Barak Obama go down in history as the President who reinstated slavery in America in the form of a new indentured servitude of the citizens to government?  There will be nothing racist about slavery this time around.  We will have equal opportunity slavery for all regardless of race, creed, gender or sexual preference.

All is not yet lost.  There is still hope.  But our hope is not found in government.  Ordinary Americas like you are the hope of America.  It is time to stand up and be counted.  Contact your Representative and Senators in Washington and ask them to stop the madness of irresponsible, out of control spending.  But more importantly, contact your Governor and state legislators and encourage them to stop taking money from the federal government, money that the federal government uses to control the states, and prevent them from exercising the sovereignty given them by the Constitution (The tenth amendment to the Constitution reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”).

We are still, for the moment, a free people.  Do we have the will to defend our freedom against government tyranny, or have we come to believe that slavery really isn’t so bad?

Your humble servant, but no man’s slave (or master),

Yushud Choosewisely, ordinary American

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